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    How to Find Chapter Communities

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    Navigate to [](
    To find Chapter Communities, click on [[Chapters]] on the left menu (not the dropdown arrow).
    This will bring up a list of all our Chapter Communities. You can use the filters to find Chapter Communities near you or the most active communities.
    Click [[Near You]] to find the Chapter Communities near you (based on your location in your profile).
    You can also change the sort order.
    Click on the box, and you have several options to sort by. "Host Order" is the same as "Alphabetical (A-Z)."
    When you see a Chapter Community you wish to join, click [[Request Access]]
    If you have already joined a Chapter Community, you will not see the [[Request Access]] option for that Chapter.
    Once you have joined at least one Chapter Community, you can click the dropdown arrow beside [[Chapters]] and a list of your Chapter Communities will show up.
    You can now click on any of the Chapter Communities you've joined and visit their community!
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