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    How to Find Your Withdrawal from zkSync Era on L1

    • Braden Apana |
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      There is currently a 24 hour delay on withdrawals from zkSync Era mainnet to Ethereum L1. You can learn more about the process and reason in our latest blog post [](
      Navigate to [](
      Enter the address that you withdrew from.
      Click the transaction hash for the withdrawal transaction.
      Click on the "To" address to view the transaction on the Ethereum L1 block explorer, Etherscan.
      Click "Internal Transactions".
      You'll see the transaction from "zkSync Era:Diamond Proxy" and the withdrawal amount. (Reminder this is an example from the Goerli testnet so it has the testnet Diamon Proxy contract in the "From" field.)
      If you do not see your transaction, check to see if your withdrawal has completed the execution delay: [Link to tutorial]
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