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    How to Generate a 1099 Transaction Detail Report

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Accounting"

      Configure Accounts for 1099 Reporting

      Click "Settings"
      Click "Configuration"
      Either type the Account Name or Number to track for 1099 for reporting purposes, or select from the dropdown menu.
      Click on the required accounts.
      Once the list is complete, click on the "Save" button.
      Click "OK"

      Generate a 1099 Transaction Detail Report

      Click "Reports"
      Click "Accountant Reporting"
      Click "1099 Transaction Detail Report"
      Select a date range from the dropdown menu or click on the small calendar icons to establish the range.
      Click "Select Vendor"
      Type the name of the Agent(s) and select once the name displays, or type "All" to select all Vendors.
      Click "Close" once finished.
      A number will display in the corner of the "Select Vendor" button, showing how many Vendors have been selected for the report. Click "Generate"
      The Report will generate for all the Transaction Types under the Vendor for the Account(s) configured to track for reporting.
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