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    How to Generate a Customer Balance Detail Report

    • Brokerage Engine |
    • 0 step |
    • 40 seconds
      Navigate to Brokerage Engine and log in as a System Admin user.
      Click "Accounting" in the main dashboard menu.
      Click "Sales" in the dashboard menu to trigger the dropdown menu.
      Click "Customers".
      Utilize the table to locate the desired customer profile.
      Click the "Action" button to navigate to the Customer Detail page.
      Click the "Balance Detail" button in the upper-right corner.
      Use the search filters in the upper-right corner to select a timeframe for the Balance Detail Report.
      Click the "Generate" button and the page will refresh to display all of the customer's invoices that were generated during the specified timeframe.
      Notice the report has changed to show transactions as of December 1st. Next, click the "Toggle Dropdown" button.
      The dropdown menu gives you the option to export the report as an Excel or PDF file.
      Click the "Select Customer" button.
      This window shows you the name of the customer associated with the report. However, you can also change the customer from this window without leaving the page.
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