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    How to Generate a Failed Braintree Payments Report

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      Log in to your brokerage's system as a System Admin user.
      Click "Reports" in the main dashboard menu.
      Click "Accounting" in the dropdown menu.
      Click "Failed BrainTree Payments" in the side menu.
      The Failed BrainTree Payments page displays a table of failed payments. In this example we'll review payments that failed within the last 30 days.
      Utilize the search filter in the top-right corner to filter the table for payments that occurred during the current month. Select "Current Month" in the dropdown menu.
      The "From:" and "To:" fields should automatically update to display the parameters for the current month.
      Click the "Generate" button to update the table.
      Once your table is updated you can search for specific payments utilizing the Customer and Status search bars.
      By analyzing the data in the table you will learn the owner of the failed payment, the processed date, the payment method, and the payment's status. The status gives insight as to why the payment may have failed whether it's due to a lack of funds or expired authorization. Note that customer names have been hidden for privacy reasons.
      You also have the option to download the report as a CSV or Excel file. Click the "Download as CSV / Excel" button.
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