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    How to Get GitHub Token

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    From your GitHub home page, click on your profile icon on the right.
    Next, click "Settings" to locate the GitHub token options.
    Click "Developer settings" from the options on the left sidebar.
    Next, click "Personal access tokens" to get your unique access token.
    Make sure to select the "Tokens (classic)" instead of Fine-grained tokens. The alternative option is typically only used in enterprise settings and large companies.
    Next, hit "Generate new token."
    GitHub will ask which type of token you want. Select "Generate new token (classic)" to proceed with creating a classic token.
    Give your new personal access token a name.
    After you name your token, set your expiration day. You can set it for as little as seven days or as long as you want.
    Make sure to define any scopes you would like your token to have. For example, you should click the checkbox marked "repo" if you want to edit your repository files.
    Finally, hit "Generate token," and GitHub will create your personal access token so you may access your repositories remotely.
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