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    How to Install Edge Extender to Your Mini

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      We're going to walk you through the process of installing your Edge Extender to your Mini from Routie, which can significantly enhance your device's range of performance.
      To begin, you'll need to have your Mini from Routie and your Edge Extender ready. Then, have a look around and decide where you want to place your Edge Extender.
      Tip! Keep an eye on the distance from this spot to where your Mini is chilling. If the distance between the Edge Extender's proposed spot and your Mini is longer than the length of the provided ethernet cable then visit our online store and grab cables that fit the length you require. Decide if you'll route the cable through walls, the ceiling, or along the floor.
      Plug one of the supplied ethernet cables into your Mini, OR into the same network switch that your Mini is plugged into.
      Plug the other end of this ethernet cable into the supplied PoE injector (small black brick). Make sure you plug it into the side marked 'LAN'.
      Take the second supplied ethernet cable and plug it into the Edge Extender. Looking from the back of the EE, you must plug it into the port to your right.
      Plug the other side of this ethernet cable into the PoE injector on the side marked 'PoE'.
      Take the supplied electric cord and plug it in to the PoE injector, and then plug the other end into a wall.
      Wait 10 minutes for your Edge Extender to initialize for the first time.
      Log in to your dashboard at []( and check if the Edge Extender has registered with your device.
      If your dashboard indicates that the Edge Extender is successfully connected, then the setup process is complete.
      If you have any questions, please contact Routie at [](
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