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    How to Install and Set Up MetaMask Crypto Wallet for Chrome

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Download".
    Click "Install MetaMask for Chrome" You may then add your wallet to your bookmarks for quick access within your browser. (recommended).
    From here, you will follow the steps after clicking "create new wallet." There will be an option to secure your wallet, which we highly recommend. This will allow you to recover access, should you ever need to change devices etc. There will be a recovery phrase that we suggest saving a photo of. Your recovery phrase is a series of random words you can enter to recover your wallet later. They will show you a second page with a few of these words missing to test you have it saved. Once you have entered the missing words, click submit and your wallet is created.
    You may now open and close your metamak wallet by clicking the fox head emblem in your extensions in your chrome browser. The top left dropdown box will display the type of cryptocurrency you are viewing. This will be Ethereum by default.
    Below your balance there will be a series of buttons. To purchase Ethereum directly inside of your wallet, you may click the "Buy & Sell" button.
    Once you have selected to buy, click "Get started"
    Select the region you reside within.
    Select how you would like to purchase your crypto currency. Where I reside, the options are PayPal, Debit or Credit Card, ACH Bank Transfer, or Wire Transfer. Select your preferred method and Click "Continue".
    Click "Continue"
    On the following page, you will select the amount of Ethereum you wish to purchase in your native currency amount. The conversion rate will display showing you how much Ethereum that converts to, as well as showing fees assessed so you know exactly how much you will be charged to receive the amount of Ethereum displayed.
    *PLEASE NOTE* that once you have submitted your order, there is a delay before your Ethereum balance is displayed in your metamask wallet. The transfer of cryptocurrency is not instant, and may be additionally delayed by the payment method you selected. Bank wires for example, can take even 72 hours. We recommend patience for transfers. Your transactions progress may be tracked within the 'Activity' tab in your home screen on metamask.

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