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    How to Install and Use the Multi Layout Manager Chrome Extension

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    This layout manager will allow you to save all of your tabs exactly how you have them across all of your screens so you can quickly pick back up where you left off.
    Set up your monitors exactly how you like to have it. For example, have a dedicated place for Slack, Outlook, ChatGPT, [](, etc. If you are in sales, please include the following: Outlook, Slack, Netsuite, OCORE, Vendor Cheat Sheet, ChatGPT, LiveChat, 8x8, [](, and vendor portals.
    After you've got your ideal computer setup, you can move on to this step. This particular step will ensure that whenever you launch your browser, all the essential windows open easily with the click of one additional button.
    Click "Google"
    Type "multi layout manager chrome extension [[enter]]"
    Click "multi layout manager chrome extension - Google Search" or this [link](
    Click "Add to Chrome"
    Click "Add extension"
    Click on the x to close this message
    Click "Extensions"
    Click on the "Pin" button to allow you to always see this extension on your browser
    Open Multi Layout Manager
    Click "Layout Name"
    Create a name for the window layout you are going to use. (Ex. Work, RSP Supply, Test, etc.)
    Click "Save Layout"
    To use the multi layout manager, select the red icon at the top of the chrome bar.
    Select the desired layout. Here you can create more layouts or delete previously made ones.
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