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    How to Leave a Group in Slack

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    To be removed from a group DM in Slack, the remaining members must create a new group chat without you or a private channel. If this is not an option, here are some steps you can take to hide the group and stop receiving notifications from it.
    In the sidebar menu, right-click on the group DM you want to leave
    Click "Mute conversation"
    You will no longer receive notifications from this group DM
    Right-click on the name again
    Click "Close conversation"
    The group DM will disappear from your DM list
    Note that even if the group is no longer visible, you are still part of it and can re-join at any time, as the next steps will show.
    Click on "+" next to "Direct Messages" in the sidebar menu
    The group DM will be listed. Click on it to re-join the conversation
    Type a new message
    The group DM will reappear in your DM list
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