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    How to List as Fixed Price

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    While listing items with Bookz Pro, listing price is set automatically according to automation rules set for related conditions. There are two types of rules for each condition: book rules and non-book rules. If the item being listed is not a book or not in the book category on Amazon catalog, non-book rules are required for auto pricing. For those occasions, if non-book rules are not set, a warning message is displayed and listing will not be possible.
    The category of the listing on Amazon can be displayed on the right side of the listing screen. The prefix determines the category.
    There are two possible solutions: 1. Having non-book rules set by contacting customer support 2. Listing items as fixed price
    For listing as fixed price, simply fill in desired price to "***Fixed Price***" field. "***Bookzy***" on the right side of the listing screen can be used to determine the price. After setting the price, choose condition to list the item.
    An example of fixed priced listing
    Fixed priced listings will not be repriced but the price can be change manually.
    Fixed priced listings do not have min and max fields and they are displayed with a darker gray layout.
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