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    How to Lock and Protect Cells in Excel

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      Click "Select All"
      Right Click on any selected cell, for example, "F8".
      Click "Format Cells..."
      Click "Protection"
      Click "Locked" to uncheck it.
      Click "OK"
      Click "Name Box"
      Type "f13:f23 [[enter]]"
      Right Click on any cell within the selected range, for e.g. "F16".
      Click "Format Cells..."
      Click "Locked" to check it.
      Click "OK".
      Right Click on the Worksheet Tab, for e.g. "Qn16"
      Click "Protect Sheet..."
      Click in "Password to unprotect sheet" window and type the password.
      Type in the given password, "noedit".
      Click "OK"
      In the "Reenter password to proceed." window, retype the password.
      Type "noedit" and press "[[Enter]]"
      Click "A15"
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