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    How to Log in and Log out of BizTRAQ

        Log into BizTRAQ

        Users have to open any web browser and navigate to [](
        The BizTRAQ log-in screen will be visible. Users have to put their "Username" in the input field. After that, they can click the "Next" button or they can hit the "Enter" button on the keyboard to move to the next screen.
        Enter "password" in the "Password" field and click on "Login" or hit enter on your keyboard. You will log into the system if the entered credentials are correct.
        If the username and password are correct then the user will be redirected to the "Home" screen of BizTRAQ.

        Log out of BizTRAQ

        Click on the "account" icon on the top right corner.
        Click "Logout" to log out of the system.

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