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    How to Log into Google Analytics

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    Navigate to [](
    You'll be prompted to log into Google, and you'll need to use your OSU Google credentials. If you don't see the Oregon State University – Core > University-wide-GA4 property or are prompted to create an Analytics account, check the upper right hand corner to verify you are using your [[OSU ]]Google account. If you have logged into other Google accounts on your browser, Google Analytics it will not display the correct properties. Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Be sure to add "[](" after your ONID username or you won't be redirected to OSU's login page.
    Click Next.
    Enter your username and password. Click "LOGIN"
    Google may ask to verify that it's you. Click "Continue"
    You are now logged into Google Analytics. It will place you on the last Google Analytics account that you viewed.

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