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    How to Make a Lunch Payment Online

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    Navigate to the link for your school. For North Salt Lake go to: <> For Pleasant Grove go to: <>
    To set up an account. (This is recommended and offers reminder and automatic payment options.)
    Click "Login"
    Click "Create New Account"
    Enter YOUR first and last name (NOT the name of your student):
    Enter your address:
    Enter your phone number:
    Enter your email address:
    Re-enter your email address:
    Click this checkbox to get an email reminder when your account balance drops below a specified amount.
    Enter the amount here:
    Select a Username and enter it here. Usernames are case sensitive.
    Enter a password. Passwords must be at least 10 characters and must include both numbers and letters.
    Re-enter your password here:
    Click the "I'm not a robot" box:
    Click "Create Profile"
    This is where you will enter your students information. This must exactly match what is on your students school record. You need your child's Last name, First name and Student ID number:
    Click on Update Account:
    If the student name is correct, click on the green box:
    Click "Make a Payment"
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