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    How to Manage Admin Access on MiPropertyPortal

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    Navigate to [](
    Go to "Manage Admin Access" under "Administration" in the left side on Dashboard
    Click on "Edit" icon
    You can see the "Inactive" button on top beside the admin email address. Click on it to "Activate" the admin in the portal
    Click on "Yes, Activate". Same way you can Deactivate an Admin in the portal
    Click on "View Admin Types" to understand the Types of Amin in the portal to grant them appropriate access
    Go through the "Admin Types"
    Hover over the information icon to see the access that each type of Admin gets
    Click "Change admin type"
    Read the Warning
    Click on the "Dropdown"
    You can choose "Super Admin Full permission"
    Click on "Update"
    Under "Permissions" you can se "SUPER ADMIN HAS FULL PERMISSIONS"
    Go to "Permitted Properties" tab
    Let's "Change admin type"
    Select the "Type of Admin" for your your Admin
    Click on "Update"
    As you can see, we chose "Regular Admin". Under "Permission" tab, notice beside "Not Permitted" it shows "Showing all 23". So in this case, we selected the actions we don't want the Regular Admin to have. You can access full grant if you like.
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