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    How to Manage Company

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      Navigate to "Organization" from the navigation bar
      Click on "Companies" from dropdown menu
      Click on "Create"
      Enter the company "Name"
      Enter company short name
      The short name will be used as a prefix in the employee code, the employee code will be the combination of prefix and the code defined during the data upload e.g if the code is 126 and the added prefix was GPL the employee code will be be GPL-00126
      Select " Time Zone" from the dropdown menu
      Select " Currency " from the dropdown menu
      All payment-related activities within the system will be conducted using the chosen currency.
      Select the " Country "
      You can also attach the company logo , the same logo will reflect on your portal
      Enter the company URL
      This URL will also reflect in the profile card of the employee
      Enter the company "Address"
      Click on "Save"

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