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    How to Manage Multiple Accounts

        Click People to view your people's Accounts
        Once you've filtered the results you are looking for, click on the Check Box next to "Name" to select all users on the first page.
        You'll notice additional "Actions" appear above your list of Accounts.
        Click "Freeze" to prevent the list of people selected from accessing OurPeople.
        Click "Unfreeze" to allow the group or individual person access to OurPeople again.
        If you are an integrated business you will want to either manage your peoples Status through your HR Portal or reach out to your Customer Success Rep for more details.
        Click "Delete" to permanently remove a person(s) from OurPeople. You will be asked to confirm and type "permanently delete" to finalize deleting a person(s).
        Click "Invite" to Invite the selected people to OurPeople.
        When "Inviting" people you will be able to adjust the Date and Time it sends. Additionally you can edit the Email message the people will see.
        Click "Schedule invitation" or "Cancel" to either confirm the invites or to cancel inviting these people.
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