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    How to Manage Support Tickets in HubSpot

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    To find support tickets that are submitted to iDonate, navigate to the **Service Hub,** then click **Tickets.** You'll then be on the **Tickets** main page. \ \ Make sure the selections on the drop down menu above read **Product Support** and **Unassigned** to find newly submitted tickets. Most recent submissions will be towards the top. \ \ You may alternate between the **List** and the **Grid** view by selecting the two options that are in between the **Tickets** title and the first dropdown menu (where it reads **Product Support).**
    To review a ticket, select it from the **Open** menu if you're on the **Grid** menu. If you're in the list view, it'll be from the **Ticket Name** menu.
    Click here to assign yourself to the ticket (find your name in the dropdown or search it.
    Once you find your user, select it.
    Under **Priority,** Click "Select an option"
    If it doesn't have a priority already assigned to it, please select one from the menu below.
    Please note: Use the following document to determine priority levels for support tickets \ <>
    Click here to select the Ticket Classification
    Click the option that matches this ticket (most are the **Support** option).
    Click here select Ticket Category
    Select the options that matches this ticket.
    Click "Save"
    Next, click **Refresh** at the top left of the browser.
    After the page refresh, select the Category Sub menu.
    Select applicable topic that relates to the ticket.
    Click "Save"
    Great, the ticket has now been categorized! Now, check out the following steps on how to respond to the ticket.
    Click within the email on screen to expand the message and get your reply options.
    To email contact, Click "Reply"
    Select within the popup modal to build your message.

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