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    How to Merge Account Records in Salesforce

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    If you identify that you have a duplicate account there are easy ways to merge the two so that no data is lost.
    Click the App Launcher in the top left of the screen.
    Search for "Duplicate Record Sets". Click "Duplicate Record Sets"
    Click "New"
    Click the "Duplicate Rule*" field.
    Click ""account" in Duplicate Rules"
    Click "Standard Account Rules"
    Click "Save"
    Click "Related"
    Click "New"
    Click the "Record*" field.
    Find your duplicate accounts and add each one. You can merge up to 3 duplicates at a time but you can add as many as you want in this step.
    Click "Save & New"
    Click the "Record*" field.
    Click here.
    Click "Save"
    Click "Related"
    Click "Show one more action". If this is the first duplicate records for this rule, you. may have to refresh your browser to get the drop down.
    Click "Compare and Merge"
    Select your duplicate accounts (up to 3 at a time).
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