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    How to Merge Branch to Master GitHub

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      Open your Terminal or Command Prompt and navigate to the Repository containing the branch you would like to merge.
      Type "git branch [[Enter]]" to display a list of all branches. You'll have to switch to the branch you want to merge into to successfully merge. To do this, enter the following commands:
      Type "git add _a [[Enter]]" to add a branch to the staging area.
      Type "git commit -m "commit message" [[Enter]]" To add the commit message.
      Type "git checkout main [[Enter]]" To run a Git Checkout to switch to your main branch.
      If the branch you would like to merge is behind your main branch, you'll need to do a fast-forward to catch up. To do this, Type "git pull [[Enter]]"
      Now, you can merge your branch into the main branch. Simply type "git merge second-branch [[Enter]]"
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