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    How to Migrate a Release to Good Morning Music

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    Click "Create Release"
    Under 'Release History' select 'Yes' that this title has been previously released.
    Select the Previous Release Date of the title.
    Enter the same UPC of the Previous Release.
    Upload same WAV file has previous release.
    On the track metadata, enter the Track Title to match the released Track.
    Enter the exact ISRC of the previous release.
    Add the same Primary Artist(s) as the release.
    When adding an artist for the first time, be sure to add their Spotify and Apple Music Artist IDs.
    Fill out the remaining information such as Lyrics language, explicit yes/no, etc.
    Don't forget high resolution artwork (the same as the previous release)
    Click "Update" to submit the release for review
    After 2-5 days, you should see two releases published to streaming services for your migrated titles.
    Once migration has been confirmed and stream count has mapped over. You can issue a takedown request with your previous distributor
    On Distrokid for example, Click "EDIT RELEASE"
    Click "Remove this release from all stores"
    Click 'confirm' and you're all done. In 2-5 days, only one release shall appear on DSPs and all your stream counts should be mapped over.

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