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    ๐Ÿ“š Education Bank

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    Click "๐Ÿ“š Education Bank"
    The main view is a List View that allows you to see the type of education, its title, when you purchased it, the access link, any notes you kept about it, files, your rating, and more.
    Click "Open" to view/edit more details.
    This is what the detailed view looks like. you can even connect each educational resource to an affiliate link.
    If you haven't created an affiliate link for the resource yet, click "Create Affiliate Link" to be taken to the appropriate place to create one.
    After you've filled out the form on your Affiliate Link tab, you'll come back to this screen and click "Add link" to connect your new affiliate product.

    Add New Resource

    To add an educational resource, click "Add Resource"
    Fill out the form and click "Add Resource"

    Different Views

    To navigate to a different view style, click "List"
    If you select "Gallery", you will see this view. Click each entry to open the detailed sidebar.
    To change to a different view, click "Gallery"
    Click here.
    If you click "Kanban", you'll see this view.


    To print a list of your educational resources, click this icon.
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