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    How to Open, Print or Save PDF Teams Documents

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      1. Click 'Files' from the toolbar. OR 2. Click '# More' to open dropdown list. Then click 'Files'.
      Click on the writing of the file you want to open.
      Check you're opening the correct and up to date document. It's easy to start with a shared document and accidentally save the document as file that other's aren't working on.
      When the document opens you will be on the 'Home' view.
      Click on 'File' on the tool ribbon.
      Click Print.
      Click 'Print this document.'
      Saving files as a PDF makes it more difficult for people to edit files. For example, you might save a poster as a PDF so that it's the same every time. Sometimes (but not always) it can be easier to print a PDF from Teams than a Word document.
      To learn more about printer settings or opening files look at some of our other guides.
      In this example, I printed the document to PDF. Click 'Open PDF' to check the file saved.
      Choose which printer you want to use - you can always print to PDF and if your device is connected to a physical printer then you can print on paper. Choose colour or black and white.
      Click "Print".
      Save the file somewhere you will be able to find it and use a name which will remind you what the document is.
      View the new PDF document in a PDF viewer.
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