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    How to Order Articles of Incorporation from the Oklahoma Secretary of State Website

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      Navigate to [](
      Insert your organization's legal entity name into the "Entity Name" field
      Click "Search"
      Click the "Filing Number" next to your organization's name
      Scroll down and click "Order Documents"
      Select "Copies"
      Click the checkbox in the row labeled "Certificate of Incorporation" NOTE: if your organization's current name is different than the one listed on your Articles of Incorporation (e.g., Certificate of Incorporation) you'll also need to order any Articles of Amendment or DBA/Fictious Name documentation showing the connection between your original and your current entity name
      Click "Submit Order"
      Click "Begin Checkout"
      If you do not already have an account with the Oklahoma Secretary of State website, you can simply click "Continue as Guest"
      Fill out your personal and payment information to finish your order

      If you are unable to order the necessary documents using this method:

      You'll need to email your Secretary of State requesting these documents directly. To do so, send an email like this to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]): "To whom it may concern, My name is {{insert name}}, and I am the {{insert job title}} for {{insert organization's legal entity name}} ({{insert business entity ID}}). I am reaching out because our organization is enrolling in Apple's developer program to publish an app, and they have requested that we provide them our Articles of Incorporation and any subsequent Articles of Amendment/DBA documentation. Could you please send me electronic and/or physical copies of these documents so that we may move forward with our enrollment in Apple's developer program? Let me know if you require anything else in order to send me these documents. Thank you, {{insert name}}"
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