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    How to Pay Marketing Invoices

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      Locating Invoices

      Tip! If you need to pay an invoice on behalf of an agent, you can follow these same steps once you impersonate the agent.
      From and agent's Dashboard click "Invoices" in the dashboard menu.
      Once you navigated to the Invoice page you'll have different options to review and pay marketing invoices. First, click the "Batch Payment" button in the top right corner.
      You can utilize the button to select multiple marketing invoices and pay them all at once.
      Marketing invoices are often mixed in with other invoices so you'll have to read the Invoice Item column to determine whether it's related to a marketing order. There are search bars that allow you to filter the invoice table based on an invoice's number, item description, or status.
      After locating the invoice in the table, click the "Action" button in the Action column. This will open the Invoice Detail page.
      On the Invoice Detail page, you'll have the option to download the invoice as a PDF document.
      If you need to pay the invoice immediately you can click the "Pay Invoice" button.
      The "Pay Invoice" window allows you to enter your card information. If you have a card saved to your profile the fields will appear auto populated. Press the "Submit" button to process your payment.

      Request Split Invoice Payment

      If you plan on splitting the payment of an invoice with another agent in your brokerage you can utilize the "Request Split" button in the top right corner of the page.
      The "Split Invoice" window that appears will list your name first and include a second row where you can specify the agent that'll assist with the payment. The second field allows you to specify the percentage of the invoice each party will pay. If there are three parties responsible for an invoice you can click the "Add Associate" button to add another row.
      After the fields are completed you can click the "Request" button which will alert the other agents that they need to pay their portion of the invoice. To exit the window you can click the "Close" button.
      Once you return to the Invoice Detail page you can scroll to the bottom left corner of the page and click the "Notes" button.
      The "Notes" button allows you to add notes to the invoice and even upload attachments for supplementary information.
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