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    How to Print a Copy of Checks in QuickBooks Online

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    Before you begin, make sure you have the necessary equipment, including a printer and pre-printed checks. Additionally, ensure that your printer is properly.
    Login to your QuickBooks Online account.
    Select **\+ New**.
    Click "Print checks"
    Select the checking account that you created the check from the drop-down.
    In the "Starting check no." field, enter the check number of the first check in the printer.
    Select the checkbox next to each check you want to print. Click "Preview and print." Once you are satisfied with the check details, click on the "Print" button.
    By following these steps, you can easily print a copy of checks in QuickBooks Online. Make sure to properly set up your check printing preferences, select the checks you want to print, preview and print the checks, and record them in QuickBooks Online for accurate bookkeeping.
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