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    How to Publish a Simple Blog in WebFlow

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    Navigate to [](
    Click here.
    Click here.
    Click "Blog Posts"
    Click here.
    Click this text field. Paste or type in the article title.
    Click this text field. Create the slug you want for the page URL. If your title is long, shorten it to the shortest logical sequence.
    Click this text field. Type (or paste) a short summary of the article. This is the text that shows in a preview on Slack, social media, etc.
    Click here. Paste in all of the content from your Google Doc, including images. Note: It is easier to format in Docs than WebFlow, so add headers, bullets, etc. in Google Docs.
    Click "or click to browse for a file" to select the image that shows up in the blog home page feed and in previews of the article on social, Slack, etc.
    Click here to select a category. Select "Editorial" if it isn't company or product news.
    Click here to select an author. Click the + to the right if you need to create a new author.
    Click the "MM/DD/YYYY" field to set the published date.
    Click "Create" to publish.
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