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    How to Pull and Clean a Customer Flow Report for Invoicing

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      Choose the Fund Name & check that all Provider Names are included.
      Tip! To capture all active youth, regardless of WHEN they enrolled, it is important to choose all recent years. Some participants enrolled in 2017 and are still active today!
      Include all years UNLESS you are pulling a NextGen report. For NextGen, include 2016 - 2023.
      Click "View Report"
      Click "Customer Flow > Template"
      Click the "Grand Total" for Registered.
      Include Header on Export = Yes
      Click "View Report"
      Export report to Excel.
      Highlight the header row. In this example, it is Row 5.
      Click "Sort & Filter"
      Click "Filter"
      Before proceeding to this next section, answer the question, "What is the reporting period I am using?". Participants are Exited from the program after their work based training service ends. You want to make sure you include all exit dates that may have taken place AFTER the billing cycle ended. In the example below, the Invoice Cycle included wages from August & September so exit dates in August, September, and October were all retained in the final report.
      In the column titled, "Exit Date", unclick "Blanks". You want to retain data with no exit date.
      In the column titled, "Exit Date", unclick all months you want to retain in the report. In this example, participants who exited in August, September, and October should all be included in this report.
      Now, the only visible data should be data you no longer want. Highlight all rows and click "Delete Sheet Rows".
      Clear all filters.
      Now you should have a clean report including all participants who were Registered during the invoicing period. Spot check the report for any errors.
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