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    How to Purchase a CRW Membership for non-Furman patrons.

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    Review all [membership policies]( prior to proceeding. 1. All sales are final - no refunds. 2. Our mission is focused at-large on Furman students, faculty/staff, and alumni 3. We are a collegiate fitness center and not a private fitness center - make sure this aligns with your expectations.
    Only single, annual, community membership sales and renewals may be completed on our portal. **Monthly billing and family membership sales must be completed in-person.** Regardless, you can create member profiles ahead of time to save time at the sales desk. Membership sales are available during all [operational hours](

    Create your Profile

    Navigate to [](
    Click "Sign In"
    Click "SIGN UP", and complete the form.
    Alert! Search your spam or junk folder for emails from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and add it as a safe sender or trusted contact to ensure future delivery of important membership messages (e.g. billing, changes in hours, etc.).
    Tip! Check out the other how-to for instructions on how to [add family members to your profile]( Note, you must complete family membership sales in-person, but this will save some time of building out profiles at the counter.

    Complete the Membership Sale

    All membership sales can be completed in-person during our operational hours. Community members who wish to purchase a single-user, annual membership, may follow the instructions below.
    Click this "Memberships"
    Click "Community"
    Click here.
    Click this dropdown.
    Click "ADD TO CART"
    Click this image.
    Click here and use the mouse to sign.
    Click "SAVE"
    Click "SIGN NOW"
    Click this image and initial next to each agreement.
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