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How to Purchase an Flex Ticket Package

How to purchase a 2022-2023 Parkland Theatre Season Flex Ticket Package.
9 steps | 45 seconds | Created by ParklandTheatre
Click "GET TICKETS" next to the 2022-2023 Season Ticket Flex Package option.
Click on the slider that says "No" next to any date for The Story. This will change the "No" to "Yes" indicating that is the date you are selecting to see the show. Do this for each of the six shows listed.
After you have selected which dates you wish to attend each show, use the dropdown to select how many Season Ticket Flex Packages you would like to purchase. Example: Select 2 to purchase 2 sets of season tickets that include the dates you've selected above.
Once you've selected how many Season Ticket Flex Packages you'd like to purchase, select "Add to Cart".
You must click "I Agree" to proceed with check-out. Please review the "No Refunds or Exchange Policy" before checking-out.

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