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    How to Push Test Donations to the Support Salesforce Sandbox

    • Lindsay Ruan |
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      Alert! Please do not disconnect/delete the iDonate-->SF Integration.
      Navigate to [](
      Make sure you are in the org "Support - Salesforce Testing"
      Click "Organization"
      Click "Integration Exchange"
      Locate the Salesforce Integration Card and click "Configure"
      Click "Transaction History"
      Locate a transaction that meets the criteria of what you'd like to test (example: a single transaction where the donor opted to pay the fee) and click the pencil icon to pull up the donation in Salesforce.
      If there isn't already a test gift in Transaction History that meets the criteria for what you're testing, please feel free to make a new gift from one of the existing Embeds.
      After clicking the pencil icon, you will be redirected to Salesforce. Enter the login credentials and click "Log In to Sandbox."
      Alert! Please do not make any updates to the current configurations of the Support SF Sandbox.
      The pencil icon will take you straight to the corresponding Opportunity in Salesforce.
      Click this dropdown.
      Click "Delete"
      Click "Delete" I promise it's going to be okay!!
      Switch tabs back to [](
      Find the same donation you just deleted, switch its toggle to ON
      Click "Push Selected"
      Wait until the donation receives a push status.
      Repeat steps to test as needed

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