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    How to Raise a Staff Requisition

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    Prior to raising a staff requisition, ensure you are using the most updated version of the position description (PD). If revisions are needed, please email HR Compensation [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
    Navigate to [](
    Enter your login information and click *Submit*.
    Click the *My Employee Center* tile.
    Click the *PageUp Recruiting* tile.
    Click "**Manage position descriptions and create**" under the *Position Description* tile.
    Click the ***Clear*** button to erase any previous information.
    In the "**PD No**." field, type the PD number you received from the Compensation team or search by any of the other fields known (e.g., position title, supervisor name).
    Click the ***Search*** button to pull up the position description.
    Once the correct position description has pulled up, click "***Recruit for position***" to start your requisition.
    **POSITION INFORMATION** First, select the reason for posting the position. - ***New Position*** - newly budgeted position - ***Replacement*** - filling a vacancy or reclassified position
    **POSITION INFORMATION** If this position is replacing an employee, please type the former employee's name.
    **BUDGET INFORMATION** In this section, you'll choose the appropriate **1)** department code, **2)** fund code, **3)** account number, and **4)** project (grant) number. For budget code information, please contact your Budget Manager. Please continue to the steps below.
    **BUDGET INFORMATION > Fund** Use the drop-down arrow to select the *Fund* number.
    **BUDGET INFORMATION > Account** Use the drop-down arrow to select the *Account* number. ***Commonly used ACCOUNT numbers:*** - 6101 - Exempt - 6105 - Non-exempt - 6120 - Temporary
    **BUDGET INFORMATION > Project No.** Use the drop-down arrow to select the *Project* number. ***Note:*** If you do not have a project (grant) number, choose 00000-No Project.
    **BUDGET INFORMATION > FTE** Enter the FTE number for the position. - Full-time FTE is 1. - Temporary FTE is .03.
    **BUDGET INFORMATION > Questions** Select *Yes* or *No* to indicate if the position is grant funded or a partial year role. ***Note:*** Partial year refers to positions that are full-time but only last part of the year (usually with summers off).
    **MULTIPLE POSITIONS INFORMATION** In this section, you can enter the position number and add more positions and position numbers if you are hiring more than one person.
    **MULTIPLE POSITIONS INFORMATION > Position no. & Type** Under the "**Position no.**" field, type the position number in the box. ***Note:*** Temporary positions do ***not*** have position numbers. Under "**Type"**, select if this is a new position or a replacement.

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