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    How to Reconcile Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop

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    Open QuickBooks Desktop and go to the "Banking" menu.
    From the drop-down menu, select "Reconcile."
    In the Reconciliation window, choose the bank account you want to reconcile from the drop-down menu. Ensure that the account information is correct.
    Enter the statement date and the ending balance from your bank statement into the appropriate fields in QuickBooks. Double-check these values to avoid errors.
    Click Continue once you have verified all of the information.
    QuickBooks will display a list of transactions that need to be matched with the ones on your bank statement. Go through each transaction, comparing it to your bank statement. Check off the transactions that match, and mark any discrepancies for further investigation.
    Once you have matched all the transactions and entered any missing ones, click on the "Reconcile Now" button to complete the reconciliation. Review the reconciliation summary to ensure that everything is in order. If there are any discrepancies, review the transactions and make necessary adjustments.
    After successfully reconciling your account, it's important to save the reconciliation report for future reference. QuickBooks will prompt you to save the report, and it's recommended to keep a copy for your records.
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