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    How to Record and Submit an Assignment on

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    Navigate to [](
    Create a FREE account (NOTE: you can only record FIVE free yoodlis! So only record your rehearsal ONCE, even if it's not perfect! Because you'll need to use Yoodli again). Click "Sign In"
    Click "Practice"
    Click "Speech"
    Click Start to begin recording your Who am I speech practice.
    When you're done, click "Stop"
    Click "Save Recording"
    View your coaching insights. Make sure to click "See more"
    Click "Analytics"
    View what went well and what could have gone better with your word choice.
    Click "Delivery"
    View what we went and what you could have done better with delivery.
    Click "Share"
    Click "Copy Link"
    Switch to tab to go back to our course.
    Click "Who am I - Rehearsal and Reflection**REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT"
    In the textbox, copy and paste the link to your rehearsal video and answer the questions. Then click "Submit"
    Review your submission and click Done.
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