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    How to Refund a Credit Card Donation

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      This article can be used to refund donations that were made via a Credit or Debit card. For eCheck donations, they will need to be refunded directly from your Merchant account. Please contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) if you have questions on how to accomplish this action.
      When logged into your iDonate back office, navigate to the Donations tab.
      Locate the donation record that needs to be refunded and select it.
      Before selecting 'Refund' in the next step, ensure that this is a Credit or Debit card transaction. (Donation record will say what type of payment method was used.) If the Donation Subtype is eCheck, the gift cannot be refunded in this way. Please navigate to your Merchant account to refund it from there.
      Click "Send Refund"
      Click "YES" to confirm the refund initiation.
      Once done, you'll receive on screen confirmation that the gift has been refunded!

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