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    How to Register a New Camper in Campwise - Needs Complete

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    There are two ways to get to campwise. Firstly you can click the "Register" button in the top left hand corner of our website and then select "Register for Cub Creek" or you can Navigate to <>
    If you've previously started a registration for our camp you can login to campwise and select "Login" otherwise you'll select "Create New Account". This will walk you through collecting your information as the guardian.
    If you already have a Campwise account, Once logged in you'll select "Add Camper". If you do not have an account previously you can skip this step.
    If you already have a Campwise account, Once logged in you'll select one of the add camper options. If you do not have an account previously you can skip this step.
    Fill out all information about your camper. and select "Save/Next"
    Check that all information is correct and select "Confirm".
    Select the the checkbox next to the week you'd like your camper to attend. If you want to quickly check if the session is available you can select "Available?". If the session you are wanting is full and you'd like to join the waitlist you can continue by selecting the week. Once the week is selected click "Save/Next".
    Camp requires that all campers have at least Guardian 1 and an Emergency Contact. While creating your account you may have added these so you can select them from the drop down. If the contact you'd like to assign is not showing you can create a new one by selecting "Add New Contact".
    If you receive an error on one or more of your contacts you can select "Edit Contact" and it will flag which areas need to be selected/fixed.
    Once all contacts are added select "Save/Next".
    Next select a Billing Contact and hit "Save".
    Then select "Save/Next"
    All required forms will show up here. If it is prior to April 1st then the forms are not due and won't be required here. Once April 1st passes these forms will be required prior to moving on to the next step.
    The next step will be adding medications. If your camper is not taking medications while at camp you can select "no" here. If they are taking medications you'll select "Yes". You can add these medications here now, or skip this step and add them later from the dashboard.
    Then select "Save/Next".
    If you need to add cabin mates, transportation, camp store money, or activities please select "Yes, I do". We ask that all parents share information regarding transportation prior to April 1st. We also ask that all campers pre-select activities prior to May 1st, which will be live starting in February. You can edit and add these things after finishing registration in the Dashboard or complete them now.
    The next step is "make a payment". If you have any additional campers to add to your registration you can select "Additional Campers". Otherwise continue to "Make a Payment".
    From here you can select the campers that you want to make a payment on and then select "Process Selected Campers"
    The next step is selecting how much you'd like to pay. To secure a spot at camp, we must receive $100 deposit; otherwise your spot is not held at camp. Remaining payment is due by April 1st. If payment is not received by April 1st a $50 late fee will be applied to the account. If payment is not received by May 1st then the registration will be cancelled and the deposit may be forfeited. If you need to set up a payment plan, or need an extension please email us by April 1st. *\*Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may switch to a new week in the same summer and have the deposit moved, but it will not be transferred to another year or camper. Refunds for all other money paid will be as follows:\ 100% (minus deposit and cc fees) for cancellations prior to April 1st. \ 50% (minus deposit and cc fees) for cancellations prior to May 1st. \ 0% will be refunded for cancellations after May 1st. \ Cancellations must be requested via email.* \*
    Once you've typed in the amount you want to pay select "Save/Next".

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