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    How to Register for an AATSP Exam

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    Preparing to Register

    We recommend taking care of the following before continuing: - Update your AATSP membership at [](\* - Gather a list of students' school email addresses, organized by Level. - Make sure that you have read our [technical requirements]( have spoken to your school's IT department before registering.\ \ \***Note**: AATSP membership renewal is recommended before exam registration, but not required.


    Navigate to our website: ""
    **ON THE MAIN PAGE**\ \ Navigate to your exam of choice and click on "REGISTRATION"
    **TAKE YOUR TIME:** Please read the information on the registration page completely. You may also visit our[ F.A.Q.]( to clarify information before continuing.
    Click "REGISTER NOW"
    **READ THE NOTICE** and click "REGISTER NOW"

    Log On To Lingco Language Labs

    **First Time?**\ If you are new to this process, click "SIGN UP".
    Enter your \[teacher\] information and create a password. Please save it for future reference.
    **Done This Before?** \ Welcome back! Click "LOGIN" to access your account.
    Bookmark: "**"** for future reference.

    Create Your Order

    **Contact Information** Enter your \[teacher\] information and your school information completely and to the best of your ability. \ \ Please **use proper names, spelling and punctuation** to avoid invoicing and medal shipment errors.
    **Levels**\ Select the Levels that you will be administering. There is no extra charge for selecting all of the Levels. - ***Small group?*** Keep it simple! Select only the levels that you will need. - ***Large group?*** Be flexible! Select all of the Levels in case you need to re-assign a student before taking the exam.
    **Seats**\ Enter the total number of students that will be taking the exam, across all levels. - **Remember:** Seats cannot be deleted or refunded. - ***Not sure how many yet?*** Start small! You can always add more seats later.
    **AATSP Membership** - Select Yes if you are an active AATSP member\*. - Select No if you are a Non-member ($75 fee). **Not an AATSP member *yet*?**\ If you are not yet a member but plan to be, select Yes and navigate to []( to sign up for the first time ($45) or renew a lapsed membership ($65) as soon as you complete your exam registration. *\*We verify all memberships.*
    **Place Order** You will receive an **invoice** automatically via email. Please send this invoice to your school for payment, or [visit our Payments page]( to complete your order.

    Add Your Students

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