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    How to Register from Academic Plan

    **You will access Workday through My NWACC. Use this guide to sign into and navigate My NWACC:**<>

    Access Your Academic Plan

    In the top right, click on the **Profile Icon** and then click on **View Profile**
    On the left-side blue menu, click on **Academics**
    **Take a moment to check over your current Program of Study.** If it looks right, you're good to go ahead with your tasks. If you're unsure or spot something that needs adjusting, don't hesitate to contact the Advising department for support. They're here to ensure everything is in order and can be reached at [](

    Register for Plan

    Under the Academics Section of your Workday Profile, click on **PLAN**.
    Click "**Register from Plan**"
    **Is your Register from Plan button missing? Jump to Step 41!**
    Click the "**Academic Period**" field.
    **Choose the Academic Period you'd prefer to begin registering for.** We recommend starting with the earliest term, such as Summer 2024 before Fall 2024, and opting for the full 16-week term over shorter parts, like Fall 2024 before 2024 Fall 2nd 8 Week.
    **Here we can see the recommended courses from our Advisor (highlighted in green and purple).** Take your time to review the courses that your Advisor has suggested for you! Questions? [](


    **Description** - Take a moment to read the course description. It gives you an overview of what the course covers, the goals you'll achieve, and any special requirements you need to know about.
    **Eligible** If the eligibility box isn't checked, reach out to your Advisor for assistance.
    The Instructional Format is shown by the text in bold.
    The Instructional Format is shown by the text in bold. ` Combination class mode involves both a Lecture and a Lab, commonly found in Science courses like BIOL 1544 - Principles of Biology, which includes both a Lecture and Lab.`
    Select - This column is where you indicate your selection. Just mark the checkbox next to the course section you want to choose.
    Section Status - Current Status of the course section.
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