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    How to Request Payment for a Vendor Invoice - Student Groups

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    Navigate to <> and login using your JHU login.
    Click "Groups"
    Navigate to your student group and click on it.
    Once in your group space, click "Money" on the left hand navigation.
    Click "Budgeting" on the left navigation under "Money".
    Navigate to the **approved budget allocation related to the expense you are submitting.** Click "Request Payment" in the corresponding row.
    Be sure that you **request payment in the row accompanying the related approved budget allocation.**
    In the "Transaction Type" field click this dropdown and select Purchasing/Spending.
    In the "Description" field, describe the expense(s) you're submitting.
    In the “Revenue/Expense” field, select **“Expense”.** In the "From Allocated" field, enter the **the amount you are asking SA to pay based on the amount you were approved for by SA.** If applicable in the field “From Group Funds”, enter the amount coming from your ledger outside of Student Assembly (Alumni Relations grants, ticket revenue, etc.).
    To move to the next step of the request, click "Next"
    Add the primary student contact for the event by clicking the "Primary Contact Name" field. *Start typing and wait for suggestions.*
    Click the name of the student primary contact once it appears to select this individual.
    In the "Hopkins Email Address" field, enter the email address of the Primary Contact.
    **This training is specific to payment of invoices.** You *can* submit more than one event expense at the same time as long as it applies to the same approved budget allocation. While the steps below will outline the process for submitting a payment request for an invoice, **please select all related fields that apply to your request at that time.**
    Click the "Other vendor invoices" field for payment of an invoice.
    Click the field highlighted below and enter how many other vendors provided goods/services for this event and are requesting invoice or contract payment from Student Assembly?
    The maximum number of vendors that can be submitted in one request is five (5). **If there are more than five (5) vendors that require payment, please submit a second payment request.**
    Click "Next"
    In the accompanying fields, enter the following information for the vendor to be paid. - Name - Street Address - City - State - Zip Code
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