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    How to Reserve MH BBQ Area & Fields Online

    • Andrew Aguilar |
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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Picnic & Field Rentals"
    Review page for latest information
    Click on the "+" to expand options for desired location.
    Optional: if you have not checked availability, you can click on "Calendar" icon to view availability.
    Enter or click on desired date.
    Click one "Check Availability" button.
    Click here.
    Click "Close" button after reviewing availability.
    We recommend refreshing the page if the sites do not appear. Click on "+" to expand location options.
    Click "Reserve"
    Enter your email and password associated with your account.
    Use Create Account if you have never had a CRC membership, previously reserved, or registered for activities with City of Morgan Hill. Use Reset Password if you do not remember your password.
    Click "Sign In"
    Select Primary Contact from the this dropdown if your account has multiple adults.
    Select Event Type from dropdown options.
    Enter Event Name in this field.
    Enter number of people attending this event. Contact us if you want to change this later.
    Enter any setup instructions if needed. Section can be left blank.
    Click "Next" button.

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