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    How to Review Quarantined Emails Using Microsoft Outlook

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    If you received an email from [[[email protected]]], you can select the "quarantine page" link. Otherwise, navigate to <>
    Select "Review." Select "Quarantine." You will see all of the emails sent to you that have been quarantined. Select a message to get more information.
    If you have deemed the email as legitimate, you can click "Release email." Releasing an email will send it to your Outlook inbox. If you're not sure, select the icon with three dots to preview the message (which allows you to safely view the message), delete from quarantine or block the sender.
    Click "Report message as having no threats" if you want to train the filter on your preferences.
    Tip! You can review and release emails, as well as block senders directly from the email you received from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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