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    How to Schedule a New Process for Updating PIM

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    Navigate to [](
    First step is to input necessary data into 'ItemImportTemplate' file and generate a **zipped folder**.

    Uploading the Zipped File Folder into Oracle

    Navigate to Task Menu in the Oracle header
    Go to Tools and Click "Scheduled Processes"
    Click "Schedule New Process"
    Click the drop down arrow.
    Click "Search..."
    Type 'Load' in the name field. Search.
    Click "Load Interface File for Import"
    Click "OK"
    Click "OK"
    Click the Import Process drop arrow.
    Scroll to "Item Import" and select.
    Click the Data File drop arrow.
    Click "Upload a new file"
    Click the Choose File button.
    Select the zipped file from your designated folder and click "OK"
    Click "Notify me when this process ends"
    Click Submit button.
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