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    How to Schedule an Appointment from Anywhere in Lawmatics

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    Navigate to [](
    Press [[shift]] + [[a]]
    Update the Appointment Type
    Click the Appointment Type you want to schedule.
    Optional: Update the "Display Name" field.
    Select the Location for the appointment.
    Optional: Add any Additional Attendees
    Change the "Start Date" field
    Click "SELECT TIME"
    Update the Start Time
    Click "OK"
    For Attendee, select the Matter (not the contact if they are a lead or client).
    Optional: Update the "Appointment Description" field.
    Optional: Toggle "Send Reminder"
    Select the time before the appointment to send the attendee an email reminder.
    Optional: Toggle "Send Calendar Invite"
    Alert! If you toggle "Send Calendar Invite" the attendee will be able to see the appointment name and description. Do not write notes in the appointment description that you do NOT want the attendee to see if you choose to send the calendar invitation.
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