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    How to Search in GitHub

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      Start by locating the search bar in the upper left corner of GitHub's home page.
      You can quickly enter a search term and hit [[Enter]]
      However, as you will see, this generates plenty of search results. If you want to narrow it down further, you can more easily find the repositories you are looking for.
      Locate the dropdown menu to the right of the search results.
      You may sort by various properties. Let's view the most recently updated results for our search query.
      You may also select a specific language from the sidebar on the left.
      If you still can't find what you're looking for, GitHub offers advanced options to narrow your query down even further. Select "Advanced search" from directly beneath the left sidebar.
      On this page, you can fill in detailed information. For example, if you know the name of the file, author, owner, or creation date, you can enter those parameters here.
      Once you have entered your search parameters, hit the Search button to perform an advanced search of GitHub.
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