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    How to Send Emails and Build Your List on Cliqly

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    Enroll for free at []( Follow this guide to get started sending emails. Cliqly will let you play around and see what this is about for free, but you will need to buy the $97 email credits to get paid. You can also earn $97 for every person that you refer that buys the initial $97 email credits. Navigate to []( to log in.
    Click "Welcome To The Team!" Read through the information.
    Click "In Depth System Walkthrough" Invest some time to read through this.
    Click "LIVE TRAININGS - UPDATES - FLASH DISCOUNT SALES" Watch the first couple of videos on fast speed because they are long, but explain a lot.
    Click "JOIN THE CLIQLY FACEBOOK GROUP! - As an Upgraded Member of Cliqly, we invite you to join the Official Cliqly Facebook Group. 
    Click "BOBBY LIVE TRAINING UPDATE CALL -" Watch this training also on quick speed because it's long.
    Click "COMPLETE IN-DEPTH TRAINING ON CLIQLY -" This is one very detailed and you will learn a lot about the potential with email marketing.
    Click "Cliqly List Building - Send Up To 500,000 Emails Every Day To Build Your List" Get started sending emails to people that have subscribed to receive information about online business opportunities. Follow the steps below.
    Click "Click here to send mail"
    Click this dropdown.
    Click the "Enter the number of subscribers here" field. Start with 5000 and don't send them all at once, space them out to send every few hours.
    Click "Go To The Next Step"
    Click "Proven Email Creative#1" There are tons of options, but you can pretty much choose the first one every time.
    Click "Select This Email"
    Click the "Please Enter The 'From Name' Here" field. You can put any name here.
    Click the "Send Later" field. This is how you would schedule these to send later
    Click this dropdown.
    Click "Send Clicks To Your ConversionHouseMedia Tracking Link To Earn Commission You make .10 for every time someone clicks on the link. You won't be able to see where the link takes them, but it probably has to do with a home business opportunity.
    Click the "Send Now" field. Keep sending until you hit your max for the day.
    Click "CliqlyPRO - Send Up To 1,000,000 Emails A Day To Your Openers List From This Page!" Now go to your openers list. These are people from the subscribers list that opened the email, they get moved to your personal openers list.

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