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    How to Send Webmail Messages

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    Enter your username and password. Click "Log In"
    Click here.
    Click on User Manager.
    Search for the student by name or ID and click on their name.
    Open the User Overview and click "Data Views"
    Click "Special Education Vendor Management"
    Scroll through the student information section until you find Link to Caretaker Webmail. Click on the caretaker's name, such as "Coach Demo"
    A new webmail message to the caretaker will display. Click the "Subject:" field to enter a subject.
    Click "Send Message"
    Now the caretaker is in your "frequent recipients" list. You can go to your webmail box and click "Compose Message"
    Click "To:"
    Click the caretaker's name from "Available Recipients," such as selecting "Demo, Coach"
    Click "To" in order to add them to the list of recipients
    Click "Select Recipients"
    Click the "Subject:" field.
    Click "Send Message" when finished.
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