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    How to Send an Email Using Different Accounts

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    Open Outlook and click "New Email"

    Enter Classic Ribbon Mode

    If your Ribbon is in Simplified mode, (One line of icons), click "Ribbon Display Options". This is on the far right, denoted by a small dropdown arrow.
    Click "Classic Ribbon"

    Change Your From Email Address

    Click "Options"
    Click "From" - This will add the field to your email header.
    In the email header, click the dropdown arrow next to "From"
    Click "Other Email Address.." This will trigger a pop up window.
    Click "From..." This will trigger another pop up window
    Scroll through the list until you find the email you need to send from.
    *!* Please note that if you have not been given permission to send from a specific inbox, your message will not be delivered. You will receive an Undeliverable Response.
    Once you have selected the email address you wish to send from, click "OK"
    Click "OK"
    Now when you click on the "From" dropdown, you will see both your email and the selected email. Feel free to switch between them.
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