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    How to Send an Email via Freshdesk

    • Laura Capone |
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    Navigate to [](
    Click "New"
    Click "New email"
    The "From" field will automatically be set to ISB Global Services. Please select "HITN" so that the email being sent is sent from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
    Type in the email of the person your email is intended for in the "To" field.
    Type in the appropriate subject title in "Subject" and the body of your email in "Description".
    Select priority "Low".
    The status should remain as "Closed" - as once a user (MGMT/Dealer/Employee/Vendor) emails back - it will automatically open the ticket in Freshdesk.
    For Group - Select "HITN"
    Department - Select "Operations"
    For Retailer - Select which program you are emailing the user (MGMT/Dealer/Employee/Vendor) about.
    Partner - Select "HITN".\ \ Review your email and selections to ensure it is accurate. Then click "Send".
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