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    How to Set Up Your OSAC Account and Apply for the OSAC Scholarships

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Login to OSAC Portals"
    Click "APPLY"
    Click "Returning users login" OR "make new account" Students making new accounts need to first enter a personal email and click "verify email" which will prompt them to enter the code BEFORE they set their passwords. Once this step is completed, sign in regularly and navigate to completing the profile section.
    Click "Sign in"
    Click "PROFILE"
    Click "EDIT" and edit each section to completion.
    Click "SAVE" in each section. When satisfactorily completed and saved, the section will update to reflect a **green check in the top left corner of the section.**
    Click "**CONTINUE TO GRANTS"** when all sections have been completed. If sections have **not been** satisfactorily completed, **these options will remain grey till they are.**
    Scroll Down to Scholarships
    Click here on NOV 1 to Start the OSAC Scholarship Application.
    In a new tab, navigate to [Google](
    Google "OSAC Scholarship Catalog" and click the first link
    Navigate to [](
    Download the "Full catalog" in the top right corner. [[WHEN LOOKING THROUGH THE CATOLOG UTILIZE CTRL F TO SEARCH VIA KEYWORDS, AND WRITE DOWN THE THREE DIGIT CODE TO ADD TO THE APPLICATION WHEN IT OPENS.]] Take Note of the 3 digit code or name, return to the OSAC Scholarship Application Portal and add the scholarships to the application when it opens NOV. 1. Students will have until April 1 to complete the application, however Completing the application by FEB 15 gets students entered for an additional "early bird scholarship" which has to be added to the account.
    Navigate to [](
    Click "START" on the OSAC Scholarship Application
    You will see a yellow completion bar to help you track your progress.
    click EDIT and begin filling in student demographics in section 1 of the application. the red exclamation points will turn to green checkmarks when the section has been completed satisfactorily.
    Click "EDIT" in Section two where you will add the scholarships you've previously identified in the 23-24 OSAC Scholarship Catalog mentioned above. NOTE: **[[You must have at least one scholarship selected in order to complete this application. Please click on "Edit" and search for/select a scholarship to which you want to apply. Sprague students should automatically have the Sprague Family Scholarship here.]]**

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